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New Documentary Cinema

Veracity is an ongoing exploration of documentary cinema practice, curated to showcase the creative potential of non-fiction filmmaking.

Actual, Factual, True, Verité, Un-Fiction: Call it what, or how, you will, the Documentary in the 21st century has come to articulate the cumulative woes - and possible redemptions - of our era, with its unique capacity to mine the personal and universal with bracing acumen and also moving lyricism. Veracity is dedicated to the art of current documentary practices from around the world, offering an intensive survey of innovative voices and a platform for reckoning with modern enigmas among multivalent subjects. These films seek to engage audiences with both the matters-at-hand of perpetual plight and the coextensive aesthetic strategies that bring them to near-palpable life. 

The common ethos of the series: films that are formally daring and ripe for civic engagement, rewarding sustained forms of attention.


Season 2 (2018)

Did You Wonder Who Fired The Gun? (Travis Wilkerson)


El mar la mar J.P. Sniadecki, Joshua Bonnetta) 


A Skin So Soft (Denis Coté) 


Mama Colonel (Dieudo Hamadi)

Taste of Cement (Ziad Khaltoum)

Black Mother (Khalik Allah)

Impression of a War & Cilaos (Camilo Restrepo)

Lampedusa (Philip Cartelli, Mariangela Ciccarello)

The Meadow (Jela Hasler)

Another Kind of Girl (Khaldiya)


Season 1 (2017)

Kate Plays Christine (Robert Greene)


Dead Slow Ahead (Mauro Herce)


Brothers (Aslaug Holm) 


Il Solengo (Alessio Rigo de Righi, Matteo Zoppis)


The Prison in Twelve Landscapes (Brett Story)


This Is the Way I Like It (Ignacio Aguero)


The Dazzling Light of Sunset (Salome Joshe)


Oyster Factory (Kazuhiro Soda)


The Challenge (Yuri Ancarani)


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